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Hospitality Technology Solutions

First Impressions

Greeting guests from within your lobby in a memorable and welcoming manner will always be paramount to the success of a property. Our digital art patterns and signage designs create a dramatic and lasting impression reinforcing your brand and style.

Guest Wellness

Lighting conditions impact our mood and energy levels. Our SolarSync™ Outdoor Daylight and Color Temperature Sensor enables the ability to regulate indoor lighting to match the intensity and color temperature of actual daylight outdoors that experts agree translates to guest wellness.


Pool Side

Our integrated outdoor entertainment solutions feature guest favorites, such a large bright 4K LED video display with engaging audio. Our solutions are flexible to accomodate any hardscape or landscape plan for you lifestyle resort or premium hotel property.   


Standard Options IHPT comes fully equipped as a complete turn-key system, integrated with all the necessary components and ready to plug in your video sources. IHPT is offered in four standard screen sizes: 103", 130", 155" and 184" measured diagonally. Each option is available with either a 2.1 or 5.1 integrated audio system. (Sizes are shown below). 


When standard just won't due! Our custom outdoor LED video wall systems are flexible in design and execution. Whether your needs are five feet or one hundred, we can create an outdoor a/v system that will be sure to impress the most discerning guests. (Show below is an example of one of our recent outdoor a/v system installations featuring a 26ft. LED video wall)


Music for thier ears

Our in-ground distributed audio systems feature DSP (digital signal processing) balanced speakers and quality power amplification to ensure your guests are lost in relaxing harmonies throughout your property. Integration with public address and paging systems are standard. Our speaker options feature the latest designs to blend with your landscape and hardscape plan.  

Pod Speaker w/Integrated below ground subwoofer

Rock Speaker

Speaker with Path Light

Full range Bollard style speaker 


Asset Protection

Our wide range of video surveillance technology offerings are designed to meet your security and budget needs. From the latest in laser tracking and analytics of objects, guests, intrudors and employees to affordable high definition day/night cameras let us design a flexible security solution for your property audio/video surveillance needs. 

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