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Wiring Services

Whether new construction or retrofit installation into existing dwellings, Infinity AV provides professional premise wiring solutions for residential and commerical applications. 

The Speed You Need


When dealing with Internet speeds it's all about bandwidth. In order for you to realize your bandwidth needs you must have the capacity to handle the bandwidth from your service providor(s) into your building or dwelling.  Copper wire is the standard basis for such an exchange with fiber optics a high bandwidth alternative for commerical applications. 

To meet our clients needs for today and in the future Infinity AV specifies the highest bandwidth cabling infrastructure for our design/build projects. 


Quality Workmanship

We pride ourselves in providing specification compliant wiring and termination panel work. This allows us to ensure our clients will receive the highest network uptime. All of our systems are properly grounded. Cable is organized and managed using proper bend radius and correct wire management devices.  We label our work and provide detailed and accurate as built schematic blue prints of our work. Whether the project is residential or commerical we don't take shortcuts to win bids and projects, we do the job correctly and we refuse to peform our work to a lesser standard. 


Documentation is King

They say, when you fail to plan you plan to fail. That statement holds true with premise and structured wiring designs.  Just as your mechanical contractor, plumbing contractor and electrical contractor submits a schematic document of it's infrastructure so it may be reviewed by your architect, general contractor and local government in order to demonstrate proof of a working concept and provide a means to establish the necessary materials for the category, Infinity AV's internal procedure is the identical to the traditional trades. However, most low voltage or technology contractors do not follow suit. As low voltage schematics are considered optional documentation, primarily due to lack of building code parameters estalished for technology and the ever changing landscape of techology. However no system, small or large can be designed and installed properly without a plan. With input from our client we create a design that meets thier current and future needs for technology. After the project is complete when maintenance and trouble shooting is necessary, documentation saves labor dollars by providing answers to how the system is wired and connected.  When it comes to resale a building is only as valuable as it's location and contents of the prospective buyer and technology documentation demonstrates value and opportunity for the new occupant. Documentation is authentication that can be utilized during every step of the project and a valuable tool during the lifetime of the building or dwelling. 


Structured Cabling

Structured wiring forms the backbone of any residential home. High performance quad shielded RG-6 cabling, Cat 6, Cat 7 and Cat 8 network cabling, professional distribution modules and convenient connectors provide the infrastructure base that brings homes to life.

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