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Family Room Entertainment

The Family Room has always been a respite for family gathering. Infinity AV are experts in providing home entertainment and environmental well being solutions for this valued space.

The Ultimate Entertainment Experience


Begins Here

Our Family Room entertainment system designs incorporate the entire family's needs for ease of use, tasteful integration and respect for the design of the space while providing the very best in audio-visual performance, i.e. best picture and sound that is attainable for your space.

The Ultimate Design

Our Family Room entertainment solutions feature bespoke integration techniques. Hiding the wires is just the beginning, making large boxes of equipment dissappear, hiding speakers and tastefully placing the subwoofer while maintaning performance requires skill, experience and the proper sound calibration tools so that every seat on the couch has the best sound and picture performance. View our video to the left for what is possible for your space, but do please bring us new ideas, we do love a challenge!  


The Ultimate Picture

Simply purchasing the very best televison on the market won't deliver the best picture quality out of the box. No the manufacturer has no idea of your room's lighting conditions, your content resolution or speed for which it's delivered. Infinity AV specifies Sony, Samsung and LG televisions, all three brands share most of the same parts, it's their video processor that is uniquely different (e.g. motor). In order to get the best performance a video display needs to be calibrated per input that is in use for the environmet for which it will be used. We provide this service with the proper calibration tools and technical expertise, so our clients can have the best television viewing experience possible. Our prices for the televisions are the same as the big box stores and no we won't calibrate televisions purchased from one of those stores. There's several reasons for that, with none of them benefitting us. 


The Ultimate Sound 

Dialog clarity, detail and nuance are important sound factors that all of us can discern until it's missing, unfortunately most installed surround sound solutions fall short of being entirely balanced. Too much bass, too little dialog, questionable clarity, too much of this and not enough of what matters at the time your eyes see it and your ears don't hear it. At Infinity AV we have the neccessary tools to balance your Family Room audio system, correct acoustical anamolies within the room (without moving furniture or hanging acoustical panels) and finally deliver the Family Room system you've always wanted. 


The Best Content

We're constrantly striving for better. Better content, better picture, better sound. Why settle? Apple TV and Roku are fun devices, but they don't provide the technology to really experience a movie in true atmpsopheric surround sound. The picture quality of these devices are not the very best either, 4kish by the numbers but with massive compression. Kalidescape movie servers feature true 4:2:2 and 18kbps 4k streaming and include a hard disk drive to store your favorite 4k movies. For those seeking the ultimate experience in content, we also offer the Dolby Studio movie delivery system which features direct to home opening day movie releases, if that interests you, ask us about that restricted service. 


You're in Control

Our smart remote controls by Crestron feature WiFi integration for live programming updates or to view the front door camera. Voice control integration for program search or for when your fingers get tired. Best of all, one remote control can do it all, so clear the coffee table!

Control your entire home from your TV

Crestron brings its home control system into the television allowing you to easily control your entertainment system but also control its entire suite of home technology products using a standard remote control. Click play for a demonstration

Art Frame TV 

The Frame pushes boundries with the high-resolution picture quality of QLED when the TV is on, and stunning art when it’s off. Enhance your home with beautiful art that’s also a TV. Enjoy design that reflects your style and fits your space. 


ART MODE provides the opportunity to create you own gallery.
Customizing of the art display to fit your space is simple on The Frame with Art Mode. Choose from different options to find the matte layout and color that best complements the decor.


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Why Choose Us

You have many choices these days on who can provide your Family with a home entertainment system but how many can provide the ultimate home enterainment experience? 



We've been in the industry for 25+ years and we've been exclusively serving commercial and luxury residential clientele for 20 of them. 


Technology is always improving

That's a fact so that's why we partner with vendors that feature upgradeable solutions so your investment is protected and you can enjoy your system for two decades rather than five years at it's peak performance. 


Expensive tools and lots of knowledge

We stated that we charge the same price for televisions as the big box stores. We charge extra for only what we do and what they can't do. These charges allow us to use expensive meters, microphones and complicated software to calibrate your video, balance each of your speakers and subwoofers, integrate your lights, security cameras and irrigation system onto your television screen or remote control. 


Client Care Plus Warranty

We stand behind our workmanship and materials for 3 years after your installation is complete. We cover the parts and labor for everything during this time. We will, with your permission, monitor your system remotely in order to correct issues before you even recongnize something is wrong. 

Our finely curated selection of Family Room entertainment technology partners 

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