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Home Cinema

"The best way to go to the movies- is to stay home" 
-Bill Murray, actor

"Our entire family loves our home cinema system by Infinity AV, every Tuesday is premier movie night"
-Jay & Susan Roberts

Infinity AV specializes in custom, luxury high performance private theater room designs and audio visual equipment installation. Our focus is to design and engineer private cinema rooms, manage the project during its assembly and then install and calibrate the audio visual equipment to exacting standards in order to deliver sensational and unique experiences for our clients.

Home Cinema by Infinity AV

shown left;  3D Rendering of a gold level home cinema project

One listen and you'll see the difference that an engineered solution makes compared to a out of the box installation experience. We design fun environments that optimize the audio/visual equipment and enhance your experience. We use computer modeling and cutting edge engineering techniques to predict how your room will look and sound before it is actually built. 

Infinity AV assembles the a/v equipment into an easily serviceable equipment rack that addresses equipment cooling, surge protection, wire strain relief and system monitoring. The equipment rack is pre-assembled at our shop, all wires are labeled, the control system programmed and all facets are thoroughly tested. This process is performed while your room is being physically transformed into a home cinema. Our installation process ensures an efficient and reliable installation that meets or exceeds the agreed upon project timeline.   

Infinity AV technology partners are Dolby, DTS, THX and IMAX for audio technology and SMPTE, IMAX and ISF for video technology. Each of these partners determine the basis for picture and sound for the motion picture industry. Infinity AV's design and installation parameters include the latest standards in sound and video reproduction for the home cinema. The equipment we specify is a carefully curated list of manufacturer partners who address the latest technology and offer upgradeability for future technologies. This basis is how we are able to deliver up to 60 channels of surround sound and provide the very best in 4k and 8k resolutions for our projects. 

Our home cinemas feature a 3 year workmanship and materials warranty that includes on site service, maintenance and repair. 


We optimize your acoustical and optical environment for best dialog clarity, precise sound localization and enhanced dynamics for a full sense of immersion

How a one of a kind home cinema comes together

View our Cinema Room installation as renderered by our 3D design process

Home Cinema Levels

We offer four distinct levels of cinemas. Each represent the highest build quality, cinema experience and aesthetic for your investment. Click on an image to learn more.

Frequently Asked Questions

With the exception of the Bronze package. Our prices include room modification from a minimum of stud level. Our acoustics packages address room isolation, sound absorption and steering. These technologies require installation before drywall or in some instances onto a existing drywall. Architectural elements that you choose may require trade specialists such as carpenters and painters. Adjustments to the room may require mechanical and electrical contactors. If needed, Infinity includes these trades, obtains the necessary permitting and manages this work within our agreement. 

Infinity AV works with the leading interior designers all over the world. Our design team only deals with your home cinema, whereas your interior designer will be providing solutions for you entire home. Our design team includes a degreed interior designer with specialty certifications in home cinema design, acoustics, electronics systems design and 25+ years experience in this specialty. This experience and expertise is invaluable in helping your designer achieve the exact vision they are looking for; with the performance that Infinity AV acumen brings

Yes, but limited to professional association only. We can be contracted to design your home cinema by an architect, general contractor or interior designer. Our contracted designs include material bid specification parameters for all trades specific and necessary to the needs of the cinema design. 

When possible we can include your existing a/v equipment in our home cinema design. In some cases your equipment may include current and relevant technology consistent with our cinema room designs. However we will not compromise your room design or the trust you placed with us by specifying your existing equipment for the sake of specification. We have recycling and repurposing solutions for those with incompatible a/v equipment and room fixtures. 

For constructed rooms that are empty we can complete a home cinema installation within a few weeks of the agreement for Bronze level and up to 60 days for Silver and some Gold level projects. Most Gold and Platinum level cinemas require a thorough review of the project scope before we can determine a timeline. For new construction we typically follow the General Contractors time line for completion of the home.

Request for Consultation

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